Meet The Team

Meet the ladies behind Largo Drive. We are the buyer, the photographer, the stylist, the social media poster, the biggest Largo lover.

A Note from the Largo Ladies

Welcome to our blog - a look inside Largo Drive, an online shop for everything the girl-on-the-go needs to travel in style from LAX to JFK to CDG just as easily as traveling from a.m. yoga to a lunch meeting to drinks with friends. We are the buyer, the photographer, the stylist, the social media poster, the biggest Largo lover. We share the latest trends and how to wear them, our personal closets outfitted with our fave Largo merch, and bts on our lives, trips, and photoshoots.

We do most of our shopping here, and we try to bring you what we'd wear. We have a casual laid back vibe that occasionally drifts into dress up mode. We're always promising ourselves that we'll wear more dresses and skirts, but our everyday uniform usually consists of vintage denim and super soft t-shirts. We make up for it with our overflowing bikini drawers and our top notch shoe game.

We're constantly on the hunt for all things cool, fresh, super soft (a must!), trendy but classic, and high quality. We don't buy it unless we love it! We love staying ahead of trends, but you'll never see anything too super trendy from us. We want you to love what you buy year after year. We love soft, good quality t-shirts and dresses that get us (and you!) lots of compliments! We avoid anything that itches or scratches or falls apart. Our head buyer has an incredible knack for knowing what will be "in" and whether something will fit right.

We stress over sizes and prints and how to shoot each item to bring you the best experience. Soooo what we're trying to say is... we love all of you and we hope you love everything you get from Largo!

Largo Ladies

Meet the Largo Team

Meet Olivia
(Creative Marketing Producer)

Most recent trip | Napa
Headed to next | Miami
Favorite Destination | Tulum
Origins | Atlanta, Georgia
Star Sign | Libra
Largo Style | Comfortable Chic

I grew up in the South in the suburbs of Atlanta and went to college at UGA. The Devil Wears Prada and The Rachel Zoe Project greatly influenced my career goals. I desperately wanted to be Andrea working at Runway and got pretty close during a summer interning at Glamour Magazine in the accessories department. After school, my boyfriend (now fiance) headed off to La La Land, and I started working here at Largo Drive. I've been here ever since as we've grown and evolved. It's been an amazing experience learning all the ins and outs of an online business.

I love to plan and travel. I get the greatest satisfaction out of planning the perfect day or trip where everything lines up just so, but I also always leave time for a nap. I spend the weekends brunching with friends, going on hikes, or just hanging with bae and my sweet pup.

Meet Sophie
(Head Buyer & Creative Director)

Most recent trip | Cayman Islands
Headed to next | Austin, Texas
Favorite Destination | oh boy, there are so many for different reasons, but Greece for right now
Origins | Southern California
Star Sign | Gemini
Largo Style | Jeans + Tees, and dresses, and bikinis. Basically all of it

I was born and raised in Malibu, CA (yes, people are actually from LA lol). I've lived in all different areas of this beautiful town, from Calabasas, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Silverlake and now I am in Venice.

Many years ago I was a buyer at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. It was my first real job and I LOVED IT! I learned all the ins and outs of the industry. The team was there was like family. When I got the itch to try something new, I landed at this fine place, Largo Drive. E-comm was soooo foreign to me. I wasn't even an online shopper, but I knew online was going to be major. I have been here from the start, legit, we didn't have a name, a site, nothing, not to mention I was the first woman employee. Seeing how much the company has grown and evolved... just makes me all giddy. It's like watching a child grow up. There have been ups, downs, stresses... But here we are, with the most amazing team.

Outside of work, I love to be outdoors. I spend weekends at the beach, nights eating at bomb restaurants with my husband and friends, and afternoons hiking with my little cutie boy Clyde (aka my dog). And if I'm not doing that, I'm normally out of town. I thrive on taking weekend trips and getting out of town. All my friends can tell you my schedule is always a little cray.

Meet Sarah
(Graphic Designer)

Most recent trip | Palm Springs
Headed to next | San Diego
Favorite Destination | Paris
Origins | Seoul, South Korea
Star Sign | Leo
Largo Style | Casual Street

I was born in the capital of South Korea in Seoul, and I moved to the States when I was 8. Growing up, it was difficult adjusting to the different environments and cultures, but there was one thing that didn't require a language or a culture. Design. I've always been interested in art, design, basically anything and everything creative. I would spend hours designing personalized gifts, doing my own DIY projects, and more. In college, I graduated from a competitive design program at CSULB. Largo Drive was my first official job after graduating, and I am so grateful to be part of the team. I learn something new every day, and I love the casual office environment that makes me feel at home.

I love going to new places. Whether it be a new brunch place that's just opened, or a trip to a new destination, I enjoy discovering new things. I also have 2 pet fish (that no one really seems to care about lol), and I love to just stare at them. It's very therapeutic. My hobbies outside of design are photography, painting and reading poems.

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