2018 Resolutions

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The start of a new year always makes us reflect on the past and dream for the future. Check out my resolutions to kick off 2018 on the best foot.

by Olivia Dorman

We're a little behind the ball this year, but it's never too late for resolutions. The start of a New Year always makes us reflect on the past and dream for the future. I'm hoping to kick off 2018 on the right foot. See my resolutions below!

1: Vacation More

Not just travel but to truly vacation, live in the moment and enjoy the time away from regular life and daily responsibilities. Too often I feel we take time off and spend it thinking about what we need to do when we get back, how to make it look like we're having the best time for social media, and stressing that we're not making the most of it. So this year is about being in the moment and not worrying so much!

2: Appreciate the Sun

This goes without saying, but I always feel like we don't appreciate things until they are gone. Since the start of winter and after daylight saving time, I've truly missed the sun after work and the warm weather of summer. This year, I want to be sure to truly appreciate every sunny afternoon and weekend by going to the beach, on hikes after work and even taking lunch outside.

3: Invest in my Sweat

I always feel so much more motivated to work out when I feel like I look put together. This year, I want to invest in my sweat gear so I can feel good before, during and after my workout. And hey, they double as weekend wear (or every day) too!

4: Plan an Epic Wedding (more on this later)

This past fall I got engaged to my longtime boyfriend. This year, I'm working to plan a kick ass wedding and to make sure my bridesmaids feel loved and appreciated for making me feel loved and appreciated!

5: Volunteer

With so much happening in the world, I believe it is more important than ever to help out and volunteer in our community. I want to make it a priority to help out as much as I can as an individual and with Largo Drive.

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