Runway Love: Acacia Swimwear

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Naomi Newirth debuts her must have 2018 collection at Miami Swim Week

Miami Moments: Acacia Swimwear Runway

Acacia Swimwear's Naomi Newirth debuts her must have resort and spring collection at Miami Swim Week with brand new silhouettes, gorgeous macrame and foolproof prints.


Our fave swimwear line, Acacia Swimwear, debuted their newest collection at Miami Swim Week. Ditching the standard Cabana tents, Naomi Newirth chose the perfect backdrop to showcase resort and spring's new colorways at the 1111 Garage. After making our way up the elevators, we were greeted with a tropical punch, a gorgeous skyline view of Miami and a waist height ACACIA logo at the top of the runway. The DJ set the mood with summer hits and 90s throwbacks.


The concrete parking structure added a hint of edge to the new season that showcased a retro tiger print (that we want in everything), modern crochet, lipstick rib, never before seen silhouettes and gorgeously muted tones.


Naomi seemed perfectly at ease moments before the runway began, letting her little boy crawl around the catwalk, and talking with friends and well wishers. We all sat in heated (slightly sweaty) anticipation as the sun began to sink in sky and DJ's beat dropped. The vibe was very minimal with bare feet, simple low ponytails, dewy muted makeup, and earthy Tahitian pearls.


Instagram sensations, Tash and Dev from Bikini A Day, Rocky Barnes, and Gypsy One all sat front row to cheer on Naomi and their fellow models as they walked the new swimwear collection down the runway in high impact sets of three and twos. The real stars of the show were the cute little girls that showed off Acacia's honey line.


Prepare for your winter getaway with Acacia Swimwear's killer one pieces swimwear, elongating stripes, and macrame gorgeousness.