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Mara Hoffman Swimwear

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Mara Hoffman Swimwear

It wouldn't really be summer without the emergence of ethnic prints and fun, funky accessories. And absolutely nobody works this summer staple look like the ingenious designers at women's Mara Hoffman swimwear. With a flair seldom replicated in the world of women's swim design, Mara Hoffman has made an updated version of ethnic - complete with heavy African and Indian influences - the backbone of her swimwear style.

The myriad of shapes of women's Mara Hoffman swimwear run the gamut from demurely modest to out and out outrageous. Looking for something colorful? How about suits more exciting than a shaman on a peyote trip. One piece or two, there's a look to fit every imagination.

Ethnic Attitude

And Mara Hoffman's appeal extends well beyond bikinis and swimsuits. In fact, the cover-ups and other accessories from this illustrious designer are just as popular as the main attraction. That means that you can look as stellar on the sand as you do in the water. Like it long? There are strappy dresses and billowy wraps that float ethereally around your feminine form. Prefer it short and spicy? Then stick to sassy crop tops and snug tube dresses. Either way, Mara Hoffman has you covered.

From skimpy bikinis with splashes of neon color to fresh one pieces in bold prints and swirling caftans to go over it all, women's Mara Hoffman swimwear is about much more than a look for this season. This is timeless beachwear that stretches across the continents of fashion.

  • Showing all 69 styles