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Women's Timpa lingerie… changing the way you think of Amsterdam forever.

Quick: what comes to mind when we say The Netherlands? Chances are, your feverish little mind conjures up images of windmills, fields of brightly colored tulips, clog dancers, and coffee shops that sell a heck of a lot more than mocha lattes. What you might not think of, however, is beautiful women's underthings. Well, women's Timpa lingerie is out to change that.

And while their French and Italian counterparts are busy making underwear that's as intricate and stylized as possible, the fine folks at Timpa have taken a decidedly simpler approach. Classic lines and understated beauty make women's Timpa panties and bras a study in streamlined sexy. Cute, casual, and comfortable, this is lingerie that's designed to impress.

Simply Stunning

Let's face it; today's fashions can sometimes feel just a little complicated. Deep v-necks, super skinny jeans, button-ups, zip downs… it's enough to make a girl cry uncle. The last thing you need underneath a tight and trendy outfit is a bra that bunches, rides, or (heaven forbid) shows through. That's where women's Timpa comes in. Smooth silhouettes, curve-hugging shapes, and deep fronts are designed to look lovely and stay where they belong.

And therein lies the heart of every piece of women's Timpa lingerie. Exceptional fit, combined with a classic look, caress your curves in the most flattering way. Simply sexy, classically cute, and delightfully demure… definitely a whole new world of adjectives to associate with Amsterdam.

  • Showing all 7 styles