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Vitamin A Swimwear

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Vitamin A Swimwear

Women's Vitamin A swimwear-making sure you get your daily dose of sex appeal.

There's a serious heat advisory this summer, and it has nothing to do with UV rays or global warming. No, this is a heat wave of an entirely different variety. Namely, a tidal wave of smoldering hot bodies hitting the beach and pool in search of an escape from the daily grind. But don't worry, we've got just the remedy to keep you looking fresh and feeling cool throughout the thick of summer: women's Vitamin A swimwear.

Women's Vitamin A has one hundred percent of your daily recommended servings of sophistication, flair, and excitement-all of which can run dangerously low in generic swimwear and summer attire. And with plenty of sexy suits to choose from, there's enough Vitamin A to go around all season long.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin A?

The perfect bikini is the basis for a fantastic summer. But women's Vitamin A swimwear is taking the idea of a beautiful world long past September. With their Green Bikini collection, the designers behind Vitamin A have taken a major step towards tuning the fashion world into the problems created by global warming and rapidly growing landfills. Using Repreve, a sustainable fabric created from recycled waste, women's Vitamin A has created a guilt free bathing suit experience.

So whether you're eco minded, or simply looking to get a little more sexy in your diet, women's Vitamin A may be just what your body's been craving this summer.

  • Showing all 56 styles